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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Animal food.

Look at the animals in the video clips below. Observe what they eat.


Do you have a pet? 

How do you keep your pet?
Who gives it food? 
Pets are animals. 
All animals have to eat food. 
They also need air and water to stay alive.  
Look at the pictures what do these animals need are the food of these animals the same? 

Discuss this with your friends. 

We grow!

Look at the pictures above. These are the pictures of the same person. Is the picture different. If it is different, why is it different? How can the same person be different? Think about it.

As a person grows. The individual will experience changes in the length of the hands, feet and their body size. Other than that their faces will also change, but it will always be the same person from childhood to adulthood.

The Food Pyramid.

Whatever we eat everyday, we must make sure that the food is suitable for our bodies. That is why we have the food pyramid to guide us in what we can eat more and what we must eat less. It is important that we eat healthy food so that we will be healthy and strong.
In the food pyramid we have cereals like rice, corn, wheat and other grains at the bottom of the pyramid. These food are important as they give us energy and
Then we have fruits, vegetable,
Then we have Meat and milk etc.  - help to grow etc.

Sugar,  sweets, fats -
The food that we eat less are unhealthy so we must eat it less.

View the video below to understand it better.

The need of food

In the first entry you have learnt about living things and non living thing. Now think about yourself. Are you a living thing  or non-living thing - why? You can discuss it with your friends and tell them the reason.

Look at the pictures what do you think happened to them?
Can the same thing happen to you? Think about it. Are the people in the picture living beings. Why? What will happen to them if they did not have food.

How long did the people in these pictures not eat?

What will happen to them if they continue not eating?

Yes they will die. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Living things and non living things.

There are many things around us. (Give examples.) These objects can be divided into two different namely living things and non-living things. Living things breath, grow, move, need food, need water, can produce young, while non-living things do not do that. Look around you can you see the living things and non-living things. Which is more living things and non-living things. Can you group these objects into the two groups.

Just to think: Look at the plants. Are they living or no living things? Why?

Look at these videos - can you identify the living and non-living things?

Conclusion: Living thing can breath, move, need food, need water, produce young.