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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Plants grow and reproduce.

Look at the pictures of these fruits. Does these fruits have seeds. If the fruits have seeds, what can you do with the seeds? Do you eat the seeds? Why do plants have seeds?

Before a plant produces fruit it will produce flowers. The flowers will develop into fruits and seeds. The seed can be planted to produce a new plant.

Animals grow 2 (Butterfly)

Butterflies too go through various stages of development. Just like the tadpole a butterfly begins its life in an egg. When the egg hatches a little caterpillar will hatch. The caterpillar will grow until it reaches the pupa stage. After a week the butterfly will come out from the pupa.

Look at the video clip below and observe the life cycle of a butterfly.

Question: In what way is the baby butterfly (caterpillar) different from the butterfly?

Animals grow 1 (FROG)

Frogs have different stages of development. The first stage is the egg stage. After which the eggs will hatch and the little tadpoles will come out. The tadpoles will grow and have the behind legs before the front legs appear. Then the tails will disappear before they become full grown frogs.

Question: In what way is the baby frog (tadpole) different from the adult frog?